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About TWOth Autosport

TWOth Autosport is a motorsport organization with over 20 years of racing experience, specializing in production-based sportscar racing. Whether you’re new to the sport and want to grow as efficiently as possible, a seasoned driver looking to partner with the right team, or a business owner looking for the best ROI in motorsports, we have the resources to make sure every part of your racing program is well prepared to achieved success.

This sportscar racing journey began as a young technician and driver pairing, Trevor & Travis Hill joined Porsche race teams Bullet Racing and TRG in the 2008-2011 GrandAm series and Rolex 24 at Daytona. The opportunities only grew from there as Trevor would evolve into an internationally respected race technician and car chief, while Travis continued to develop as a driver and coach, ultimately reaching his goal as a Porsche factory certified instructor.

That passion and experience has now grown and is shared with dozens of drivers and crew at TWOth as the Hill brothers continue to build their Ottawa-based racing team.

Whats next? You'll have to come along for the ride and see for yourself!

Trev&Trav TWOthAutosport

Team Principals

Meet the full team


Trevor Hill

Team Principal

Technical Director, Car Chief, Chassis Engineer, Fabricator, Transport Management, TWOth Team Driver


Racing Mechanic & Driver | 20 yrs

International Shifterkart & 2-Stroke Kart Racing | 10yrs

Touring Car & GT Sportscar Racing Technician | 12yrs

Rolex 24h Daytona Crew | 2008-2010

FEL SCCC CrewChief of the Year | 2021

FEL SCCC TCA Champion | 2023

Travis Hill

Team Principal


Competition Director, Driver Development, Business Development, Driver Management, TWOth Team Driver


Sr. Instructor, Porsche Ice Experience & Track Experience

Porsche Factory Certified Driver & Coach

Track Pro, Calabogie Motorsports Park | 10yrs+

Rolex 24h Daytona Driver | 2008-2010

Touring Car & GT Sportscar Racing Driver & Coach | 11yrs+

International Shifterkart & 2-Stroke Kart Racing | 8yrs

FEL SCCC TCR Champion | 2021


Just like tuning a new bicycle, even a factory-built AudiSport race car requires some tweaking before hitting the track for the first time. Suspension setup, driver ergonomics, data acquisition and specific modifications to meet series regulations are often followed by testing in order to develop a competitive car to reach your goals.

Our goal isn't to sell individual parts and services, but to build lasting relationships and support drivers as they progress up the motorsport ladder as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our Philosophy


For those looking to build their own race or track car, we offer complete build services for any production street vehicle. Trusting your project to a group with experience in key components such as roll cages, safety equipment, weight reduction, and performance modifications can save you a lot of time, money, and risk down the road.


Track day and race weekend support are often an area of stress and frustration for the average enthusiast. Proper tools and equipment are essential to a successful outing, while working on your own car will increase fatigue, reducing your energy or time where it matters most - on track..


With over 20 years of professional racing pedigree as drivers and crew, we know what it takes to to be successful in motorsport. Having progressed from kart racing to the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and Nascar, our experience behind the wheel will provide you with support and mentorship in any situation.

Development Ladder

We understand the challenge of transitioning from karting to cars, learning new cars, series and platforms. That's why we've built a development path based on driver end-goals

FWD | front wheel drive
> FWD development
> Touring Car racing
> Endurance racing

RWD | rear wheel drive
> RWD development
> GT racing
> Prototype racing

AERO | downforce
> Aero development
> Radical racing
> LMP3 racing

What's our experience?

Spending our entire lives in the racing industry, we've built a wealth of experience that creates the foundation for TWOth Autosport. From international kart racing, to local, regional and national level club racing, and even the Rolex 24Hours of Daytona, we've not only competed against, but built lasting relationships with the biggest names in the racing industry. This competitive instinct, along with these relationships, experiences, and resources, are what give us the tools to compete at any level.


Why endurance racing?

Our passion for endurance sportscar racing begins with its challenges; developing a car, team, and group of drivers capable of competing together toward a single goal, for 3, 12, and 24 hours at a time. Preparation, car setup, pit stops, and driving strategy all need to work together in order to achieve success. This is where depth and experience ultimately shine through. Endurance racing is the perfect platform to demonstrate the importance of teamwork and preparation.


Where are we going?

Our objective is to build a sustainable, Canadian motorsport program, developing new drivers, cars, team members, and business partners capable of excelling at any level. Through proper education, experience and execution, we strive to become a household name in professional motorsport. Our ultimate goal is to compete at the pinnacle of the sport, in prominent sportscar racing events such as the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and the 24 Hours of LeMans.

The TWOth Approach