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LMP3 Racing

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Historic racing for future success

With a target of IMSA and European FIA LMP3 or LMP2 competition, the HSR series is perfect platform to prepare our drivers and team while competing on the same iconic circuits.

LMP3 is an entry-level prototype class intended for introducing drivers and teams to prototype endurance racing before they progress to the higher classes of prototype racing, LMP2 and ultimately Hypercar. LMP3 uses closed-cockpit carbon-monocoque chassis, built by any licensed constructor like Ligier, powered by a 5.0 or 5.6-litre normally-aspirated Nissan V8 engine, producing 450+ bhp.

Revealed at the 2015 Le Mans 24 Hours week, the Ligier JS P3 keeps in the same vein as the Ligier JS P2 in particular with its design and aerodynamics. Driver comfort, reliability and performance characterise the Ligier JS P3.

Dreaming of LeMans prototype racing? Let's build a program to get you there!

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LMP3 | JS P315

Where we race

TWOth's LMP3 racing program focusses on the HSR Prototype Challenge presented by IMSA. The historic racing series provides a competitive field of professional teams, cars and drivers enjoying famous endurance racing events at renown tracks across the United States.

While our team of dedicated technicians, engineers, hospitality and support staff manage the weekend, drivers focus on their performance on track in 90-minute to 3-hour endurance races over the weekend. Together, we continue to develop a Canadian endurance racing program, ready to make the next step in international prototype competition.


Our 2024 HSR Prototype Challenge schedule:

March 7-10 | 2-Hour - Sebring

April 25-28 | 2-Hour - Road Atlanta

June 6-9 | 90-Min - Watkins Glen

September 19-22 | 2-Hour - Road Atlanta

October 30 - 3 | 90-Min - Daytona

December 4-8 | 3-Hour - Sebring

HSR Prototype Challenge

Series Website

Race Type: 30-minute sprint to 24 hour endurance races

Driver Requirements: National and international competition license, depending on series regulations

Race Series: IMSA VP Challenge, HSR Prototype Challenge, American Prototype Championship, Formula Prototype Challenge

Availability: Vehicle purchase, testing and partnership opportunities available.

Models: JS P315, JS P320

Drivetrain: 450+ bhp RWD 5.0L & 5.6L Nissan V8 dry-sump engine with 6 speed sequential Xtrac paddle-shift gearbox

Interior & Safety: The fully enclosed carbon fibre monocoque tub and ergonomic reclined driver seating position make the interior of the LMP3 surprisingly comfortable and extremely safe, meeting the latest international prototype competition safety standards.

The weapon of choice for LMP3 competition

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Technical Details


Together everyone achieves more

Program Partners

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