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Partnerships & Activations

Race Experiences

Want to build your personal and professional brand around motorsport? Join the team, promote your business, and enjoy the racing industry from the driver's seat!

Partnerships play a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience for racing fans, participants and brands alike. The high-speed adrenaline of motorsport captivates audiences worldwide, making it an ideal platform for brands to connect with their target market. By forming strategic partnerships with teams and drivers, companies can leverage the industry popularity to increase brand visibility, engage with fans, and drive business growth.

These collaborations not only provide valuable exposure but also offer unique opportunities to showcase products, services, and values in an exciting and dynamic environment. Whether it's through sponsorships, promotional campaigns, interactive activations, or event hosting, partnerships in motorsports have the power to create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact on organizations, fans and consumers.

Your brand, up front

When it counts

Successful motorsport partnerships start with a strong foundation. Let's connect to discuss your business goals, target demographic and current strategies to better understand how we can leverage various areas of the motorsport industry to deliver the best ROI for your marketing investment.


Some of our in-house partnership solutions:

Branding | logo design, signage, vinyl & wraps, & branded equipment

Guest Experiences | VIP race passes, passenger hot laps & driving experiences

Content Creation | event photo & video, ad campaigns & cinematography

Merchandising | design, sales & fulfillment support

Online Presence & Sales | social media, websites & e-commerce services

Turn-Key solutions

Driving Experiences: For groups looking to experience the G's for themselves, TWOth can manage groups of 2-24 guests for 2-hour to multi-day driving experiences:

> Calabogie Mustang Experience
> Porsche Track Experience Canada
> Porsche Ice Experience Canada

Racing Experiences: Looking to crank it up a notch?  
We also offer group racing experiences for partners looking to embed their team & brand directly into the motorsport industry.

The TWOth team is deeply routed in the automotive and motorsport community, including strong relationships with facilities, manufacturers, content creators and service providers to deliver a wide range of experiences for our partners.

Race Event Hosting: Bring key team members and clients to the centre of the action as VIP guests with TWOth at a marquee motorsport event. See the cars, meet the team, and learn the in's and out's of sportscar racing as we battle it out together!

The ultimate adrenaline rush

A different kind of driving range

Book an experience

Program Partnerships

For partners looking to increase their brand visibility, we offer Program Partnerships activated across all team-managed cars within a given racing program.

Increased brand presence

Great for product & service partnerships

Full season or special event engagements

Primary, Secondary & Tertiary partnership options


Partner with an individual driver or car on the team to introduce your brand to the motorsports industry or support an athlete's journey through racing.

Driver/Car Parnterships

Single race, full season or multi-year programs

Great for exploring new markets

Unique guest experiences for clients & staff

Exclusive networking within the team & paddock


You can invest in a single stock, or the entire market itself. While sponsoring a car is momentary, with value often dictated by the results of a singular event, Team Partnership leave a legacy with the ability to build loyalty for generations to come. In the case of motorsport, consider brands like Marlboro, Players, or Target, and their impact on dozens of drivers, teams, series, and millions of fans over multiple decades.

Team Partnerships

Maximize exposure over multiple demographics

Perfect for industry-applicable products/services

Priority brand placement on team cars

Branded team transport, equipment & gear


Together everyone achieves more

Program Partners

Partner with TWOth.


I'm going to catch him. I might not catch him by the next corner, but I'm going to catch him. It's a really cool feeling. The rush is insane! There's nothing like it.

– Eddie Killeen - COO, Life Storage