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TWOth Communications, September 30 2020

Welcome Crater Labs!

Toronto-based artificial intelligence and machine learning research laboratory, Crater Labs, has joined forces with TWOth Autosport to deliver more "moonshots with impact" in the automotive sector.

With TWOth, Crater Labs has a technical partner to extend their capabilities for machine learning in smart vehicle systems. Specifically, with expertise in acquiring vehicle data, setting up testing systems, conducting controlled vehicle tests and running through set experimentation plans with access to a controlled driving environment. 

TWOth's drivers & engineering team, through international sportscar racing, provide feedback on vehicle systems efficacy and can discuss subtle changes in vehicle dynamics both quantitatively and qualitatively in various driving scenarios. 

"The success of our racing programs rely heavily on the ability to read the driving & track conditions quickly before making adjustments to the chassis, suspension, drivetrain or driver. Typically, our team has a very short window of time to capture data and adapt in an ultra-competitive environment. Taking these skills outside of the racing industry allows us to further leverage technology and develop new systems while chasing more than lap times or podiums," said Travis Hill, TWOth Autosport team principal, about the partnership.

Look for more Crater Labs & TWOth projects throughout the 2021 racing season and beyond.

More about Crater Labs: https://craterlabs.io/

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TWOth Communications


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